• The Exile Floats…

The Exile Floats…

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It has been so long, this banishment, that the Exile can no longer remember how it came to be. All he knows is the heat of the suns that orbit dangerously close before they wheel away and the absolute chill of space closes in on his suit, threatening the integrity of the insulated polymer-blend fabric.

He floats.

He floats.

He floats and his thoughts drift, untethered by time, his eyes looking but no longer seeing, his ears listening to the imperceptible silence of immensity. He spends much of his time in reminiscence, recalling his youth, his parents, his first love, his last.

What is that?

After all this time, a change. Something new in the texture of surrounding space, something different in the shapes of the massive crystalline structures that surround him. No longer rectangular, vaguely reminding him of a streetwise boyhood on the streets of Old New York, there are now discs. Joyful curves sweep, arc around him; circles, rings and spirals swirl all about him and he cannot help but smile, flinging his arms wide to embrace this new thing. The muscles of his face feel stiff and unfamiliar.

It has been a long time since he has smiled.

It has been a long time since he felt happy.

It has been a long time since he felt hope.

Is it possible? Is this salvation?

Pigment inks on 271gsm satin paper, professionally hand-bonded onto a 5mm cast acrylic panel.

Limited Edition of 30 prints:

  • 10 at 48″ (w) × 20.4″ (h)
  • 10 at 36″ (w) × 15.3″ (h)
  • 10 at 24″ (w) × 10.2″ (h)

Each limited edition acrylic print comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and is ready to hang.

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