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The distant hum of the security patrols reached Carson Boone’s ears as he stepped closer to his campfire. He glanced up: morning already. Today was the day. Six months ago, Carson had invited a visitor on to the shady porch, where little Joshua was playing, offered him a glass of homemade lemonad [...]

This image superbly captures the best of the brooding Scottish Highlands, an otherworldly scene that would not be out of place on the fictional Star Wars forest moon of Endor. Craggy mountains rise high to brush fearlessly against a turbulent and pitiless sky: Scotland is no place for the faint of h [...]

There’s a certain majesty about soaring in soundless flight a few hundred feet above the ground. Perspective and viewpoints change rapidly as thermals and eddies provide invisible forces that quickly alter height and direction. In this environment, this is what nature delivers – quiet, forceful dyna [...]

The mothership has safely landed, but what lies beyond this rocky landscape? Could the visitors be greeted by curious natives, or are there hidden dangers waiting in the nooks and crannies ideal for ambush? Where is this place? Could it be a visitor from our own planet exploring the outer r [...]

A little too far off the beaten track: a lone figure gazes into the Abyss. Is he lost due to overreliance on technology? Is he marvelling at the magnificent glory of the planet on which he stands? Is he looking for an answer to some desperate problem in his life? Or does he know that bei [...]