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Striding out across a glass-like structure, the Exile seems to know his place in his environment. But what environment is this? A futuristic metropolis inhabited by humans? Is he half-human, half-machine? Or is he truly alone, exiled to some far-flung crystalline world to be driven mad i [...]

As the light passes through the cones and scatters, producing various patterns, it reminds us very much of our own lives. Of how we see things one way, but then our view can be changed and directed along a different route adding to the richness, colour and variety of life. Two simple entities [...]

An eerie but strangely compelling series of unending staircases leading to who knows where. Where do they lead? What awaits you at the bottom? What entices you to gaze down into the black recesses below? But more importantly - do you have the courage to take the first step into the unkno [...]