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In Flanders Fields is an image of hope, inspired by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae’s poem of the same name about the horrors of World War I. It depicts a sea of poppies gently rustling in a morning breeze, the sunrise bathing the flowers in life-giving warmth, with butterflies fluttering to and f [...]

Inspired by anechoic chambers - non-reflective, non-echoing or echo-free rooms designed to completely absorb reflections of sound - this image pulls your imagination in lots of different ways. What goes on there? Who would use it and for what purpose? Whatever comes to mind, remember one th [...]

This image shows that no matter what level of apparent conformity exists in the world around us, nonconformity stands out. Some just never follow the rules. Nonconformity is attractive, interesting and disturbing all at the same time. And make no mistake, nonconformity acts as a catalyst for c [...]